Is that you rocking the back to school boat?

The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows.

~Sydney J. Harris

Many of us have “back to school” fever.  I’m amazed that the “back to school” fever has stayed with me through the years even though I’ve been working longer than I care to admit.  “Back to school” fever is always lurking in the background of my brain.  Maybe it’s the anticipation of something new, or a change in the air and the desire for new dreams to manifest.  It’s time to feed the fever and face any back to school fears, excitement, and anticipation.  Enjoy this round- up of crafty links to celebrate the coming school season.

Our Favorite Back to School Knitting Projects at

Articles about “back to school patterns” at

Back to School at

I also have dreams, jokes, tall tales, and worst moments running in the background of my brain – but that’s probably just me.

Find a knitting buddy and challenge each other to learn a new technique this week.  If you have another craft – same goes.
Marg (pointing my needles towards the future and holding on tight)

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