Monthly Archives: January 2010

Knit and Crochet Wishlist Roundup

Have you seen the new Monroe Bag and Wallet? Need a new wishlist for 2010? Stop by knit1fortheroad.

Reach for the stars!

Craft Hope Project + Vickie Howell Pattern = Inspiration!

Surround Yourself with Crafty Inspiration

Stop by for some crafty mid-week inspiration.

The color of the day.

Thinking about color psychology today.

Monday Free Pattern Mania

Grab your glowsticks and battery operated needles and make your own sunshine!

Where there’s craft, there’s hope.

Feel the glow of kindness at Craft Hope.

It’s a hipster’s world at Wool and the Gang

Fill your heart with hipster goodness!

Fancy is as fancy does!

Embrace your fancy side!

Dare to dream…

African American influences on American art, design and fashion.

Keepers of the Light Links!

Knit-Share-Go share your light and love today.