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Knitting in movies…

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Where does Rapunzels knitting technique come frome?

“The American” knit slouch hat, poncho, and scarves

Celebrate Costume Designers!

Finding knitwear in movies and celebrating costume designers today.

Bash the Winter Blast

Try this fun and easy pattern for Lyra’s Cap from The Golden Compass.

The color of the day.

Thinking about color psychology today.

Empowering Stitches

The stitches we make, (in all types of needlework) are empowering, much like a prayer – or a thought. Gather 1,000 and you’ve got something wonderful.

The Lovely Bones knitted goodies

Love spotting knitwear in movies – check out today’s blog and see if you can spot the knitted goodies in The Lovely Bones Trailer!