About Margaret Nock


Margaret Nock is a business woman, with a MS from Savannah College of Art and Design (hometown)and author of Knit 1 for the Road, a knitting book for busy knitters on the move!

Member of The Knitting Guild Association and the Crochet Guild of America

 Knit 1 for the Road is now on Amazon.com, Etsy and on this site.

Marg (as she is known on her blogs) says that color & texture really inspire her.  Marg tries to use Eco-Friendly materials as much as possible and shares her love of knitting with others.

You will find Marg and her knitting projects on the road – They go everywhere together.

My blog features…

Interviews with the knitty and crafty.

MARG’S PICKS where different items for the crafty are featured. 

Find out which indie artists is being featured IN DA HOUSE!

Wonderful and reliable charity knitting/crocheting organizations are also featured that are sure to get your handmade project to the right place!

Click your needles together for fabulous projects and yarn!

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Interview on the American Perspective
Interview on JackJett on Rational Radio Note: This was a live interview with no archive 😦 but they are working on getting archived shows. 🙂 (Sept 20, 2008)

InterviewThe Odd Mind on Blog Talk Radio – Come join in to learn more about me, knit 1 for the road, and more. (Oct 2, 2008)

Interview -Oct 19-08 CafeCrochet by my friend Christine. Join us for a cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate and enjoy the wonderful CafeCrochet.

November, 2008, Article:Crafting on the Roller Coaster of Life in Issue 6 of MixTape, the hip craft magazine everyone’s talking about!


November 6-9, 2008 ROAD TRIP to Stitches East in Baltimore Maryland – I’ll be collecting blogworthy fun for you!

NOVEMBER 8 HANDMADE ARCADE . Reporting on some Etsy Goodness. Get the scoop here Knitting Weekend Warrior Returns

AVAILABLE NOW!!! JAN 2009 WINTER ISSUE of The Odd Mind Magazine! Lulu.com

Feburary Interview on Dave from FictionWritersGroup.com NOW POSTED!

Feburary 27th – One of the chemo caps I made is featured on TBN with Christine Shively, founder of Knots-of-Love.org. (view it on their homepage) It’s the lavender one with stripes. INTERVIEW

March 18.2009 Knit 1 for the Road now on KINDLE!

MizTapeZine Issue 9, June 2009, Article Crafting from the Heart 



Please contact me at knit1fortheroad@gmail.com for interviews and events.


FALL 08 ISSUEScoop!Jennifer Perkins of NaughtySecretaryClub.com Her black onyx ring is featured in Knit 1 for the Road in the Wowza Wrist Warmers. Here’s the shout out she gave Knit 1 for the Road on her blog. Rachel Marie Kanter of KnittyDirtyGirl.com, her yarn is featured in Knit 1 for the Road in the Babies, Bobbles, and More pattern also mentions Knit 1 for the Road in her blog. PENNLIVE.COM BOOK SECTION YORK DAILY RECORD FOR A COMPLETE LIST OF PRESS, PLEASE VIST Knit1fortheroad.com




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