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The best times can sometimes be close to home.

New yarn, patterns, pattern books and a little sparkle and glow.

3fy Lately, I’ve had my mind on some genealogy research and have been amazed by some of the abbreviations  that I encounter.  I’ve also had a fascination with the number three for many years, maybe because I’m the third child. My love of wordplay and abbreviations for things comes from my Dad and my husband, […]

Annie’s Gifts for Chemo is making a difference…

Crafty bargains and pudding grins galore!

See you on the de-stess express!

Free summer knit and crochet patterns, savings on yarn, and video to start your week…

Ease into Monday with a few stitches Sunday

Free patterns and gift ideas for Father’s Day

Crochet Delight…

Hooray for Crochet today!