Monthly Archives: September 2009

Baby Goes Handmade with Lollipop Leg Woolies!

Immerse Yourself In Color

Elfin Booties and more!

Jump Over the Mango Moon…

Luxurious recycled yarn and making a difference at MangoMoon.

As if, everyone!

Crafting and knitting inspiration and observation for you today on Knit1fortheroad.

Linking Around Knitty Town

AwareKnits, pattern kits, feebies and more in this weeks roundup.

The Healing Power of Knitting

Knitting for the heart mind and soul on today’s knit1fortheroad blog.

Weave your stash away!

Yarn stash out of control? Try this option. Tight warps ahead!

The perfect little black knitting accessory…

The perfect little black knitting accessory and bags are now available.

New kit from KnitPicks! The Knitter’s Tool Bag Kit will help you kick off the Fall knitting season and rock the pocket!

Buy a bag, save the world…

Celebrate the power of a great bag, reuse, recycle and give others a helping hand in today’s knit1fortheroad blog.