Monthly Archives: June 2009

Create, Restyle, Get Your Fashion On!

One stop shop for your restyling summer projects for wardrobe and home!

MEET Etsian LolaLynn!

Meet the creative force behind the Etsy shop, LolaLynn. Get inspired! Buckle up! and hold on tight to your needlework and pets as we head out to LolaLynn Land.


Looking for a knitty adventure in 3D?

Looking for the unusual?

Embrace the odd and celebrate the indie today!

Ripple effect of charity knitting and crocheting

Learn more about Hearts of Love and open your heart today!


The Knitters Connection was a fiberliciously fantastic event!

Monk Moment Monday

Do you ever have a Monk moment?

Daddy’o Day is here!

Let’s click our needles and hooks together for a crafty salute to Dad!

Creative vibes emanating from your screen in 3,2,1

Crafty? Know a crafty? Want to be a crafty? Soak in the creative vibes on today’s blog.

Relaxing on the yarnie side of the moon…

A fitting yarnie end to a yarnfest of a day! I spy knitting, knitwear, and a knitathon.