Surround Yourself with Crafty Inspiration

Wednesday, January 27, 2010,Surround Yourself with Crafty Inspiration

Looking for cute owl products?  Try Zazzle for adorable coffee mugs and cups.  I have to warn you though, you’re going to have a tough time deciding which one you like best.  I fell in love with GroovyOwls with Flowers Travel Mug (pictured above) and the coffee cup and use them daily.

Need a new mousepad?  How about a crochet inspired one?  Perhaps you are seriously into yarn or knitting.  Check out all the Zazzle knitting , crochet, and spinning items.

Oh, and did I mention you can also find your favorite items on postage stamps?  You can also create your own for your business and wow your customers.

Remember to surround yourself with reminders of the activities and people you love, and you’re going to have a wonderful impact on the world.  Yep, people are lining up to see your crafty cleverness and your can do attitude.  Did I mention your winning smile?  Oh yeah – super sparkley.  No spinach – lookin’ good.  Are you feeling warm and fuzzy yet?

Marg (enjoying a mid-week mini mental health break)


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