Buy a bag, save the world…

Three bag options to consider, today, that will help you help others and the environment.
The first option is
Purse of Hope brought to you by Juxtaposie The mission is to help victims of human trafficking and forced prostitution. One feature of these bags, that I really like, is the Acholi Beads which are incorporated into each handle and embellished by Northern Ugandan refugees. The shop also offers a Purse of Hope mug if you aren’t into bags and you can still show your support for the wonderful work that is being done. The goal of Kristen Hendricks, the founder of Purse of Hope, is to create awareness and show that “Ordinary people can and do change the world everyday”.
Plug in with the Juice Bag from Reware. It’s a solar bag for the busy business person, student, and basically anyone on the go! Knitters included. It’s easy to use and created in the US. Hooray! Basically, the panel on the bag is solar and there’s a handy built in car lighter adapter socket that is universal so you can use it with your phone, PDA, or MP3. Sunlight on the bag equals electricity while you go about your busy day.

Envirosax, one of my “go to” bag options, has a new line of bags for Fall called La Boheme that I know you’re going to like. Still the durable, soft and fun bag that you love with a new look for the season that is a tribute to the Art Nouveau movement It’s a wonderful market bag, knitting bag, and travel bag. I keep one or two in the car for bag emergencies.

That’s the bag alert for today. Celebrate the power of a great bag, reuse, recycle and give others a helping hand. Voila, you are now a crafty, stylish and eco-friendly diva.

Now it’s time to knit-share-go grab a bag!

Marg (probably setting a world record w/ how much I can get into an Envirosax bag)


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