Are you knitting with a happy heart?

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Are you knitting with a happy heart?

I’m getting ready for fall knitting with this beautiful yarn and a new shawl pattern fresh in my mind…more to come…the heart shape is just for you, so thanks for stopping by to read.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on bringing more joy and love into my life.  Knitting has always been one of the creative ways I ground myself and reconnect with my heart’s desires and overall happiness.  Each stitch seems to liberate me from any fear,loss or anxiety that I may be holding in my heart and that could be holding me back in some way.  Think of your knitting as a safe way to work through a problem, send a loved one happy thoughts or a time to relax and share with knitting friends.

Open your heart and allow some knitting joy into your life this week. (just a gentle nudge from me to you)


Margaret (works for crochet and other crafty good times, too :))


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