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©Margaret Nock, Knit1fortheroad blogspot
Early morning knitting when the house is quiet and the birds are singing is one of my favorite ways to start the  day.

a little inspiration and a lot of summer knitting or crochet.  Try these free knit(and 1 crochet) patterns and get stitching early this weekend.
A Really Reversible Dishcloth by Kathy Cairns Hendershott

Easy Friendship Bracelets from Noble Knits


Four summer shawls from Lion Brand(3 knit patterns and 1 crochet)

©Margaret Nock, Knit1fortheroad blogspot
This was taken in Annapolis, MD recently

Try a relaxing walk surrounded by nature  soon and breath in the vitality.  Now focus this energy toward your creative work and soar to new discoveries about your creative personality. Thanks for reading and have a weekend filled with wonder and delight as you go about your day and the simpliest tasks.  That’s when creativity will most likely sneak up on you.

Margaret(inspired just thinking of you expressing your very own unique creativity)


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