A fun way to wrap those needles!

A fun way to wrap those needles!

Knitting Needle Coil Wraps from Knitpicks.com

It seems like we, as knitters, are always looking for fun and functional ways to keep our knitting tools organized and right at our fingertips.  I really like the Knitting Needle Coil Wraps, for my double pointed needles. Knitpicks.com offers two sizes, a SMALL set of  five per package (US Needle Size 2-10) and a LARGE for US Needle Sizes 10 1/2-17 in a package of three. If you’re like me, you set your needles down, loose them or discover they’ve rolled onto the floor of the car, sofa, or wherever, and you have to stop and search .  These little gems will eliminate that problem for sure.  They come in purple (SMALL) or green (LARGE) and are $1.99 per package.
Life is challenging enough.  It’s time to enjoy easy ways to stay organized and frownie face free.
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