Mary Jane Slippers WIP

Mary Jane Slippers WIP

This week, I decided to try and crochet a pair of Mary Jane Slippers on Ravelry (or on Goodknits) for Annie’s Gifts for Chemo.
I was delighted to see Lisa  Gutierrez’s crochet pattern.  I decided to modify the strap slightly and used a solid color.  Lisa gives you the foundation to crochet Mary Jane Slippers and encourages you to add your own touch, adjust the size, etc.  Thank you Lisa!  Do stop by and see all of her lovely Mary Jane Slippers on Ravelry.  

This one needs a button and slipper #2 is coming soon. Try something new this week and surprise yourself. 

Hope you’re whipping up something wonderful to share.
Margaret (firing up my crochet hook for slipper #2)

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