Mighty Max


This is a difficult blog for me. Our little buddy, Max passed away suddenly yesterday.  We are all devasted at loosing him at such a young age and I will be taking a few days away to process everything.  This has bascially been my worst case scenario as a pet owner. Max had some kind of viral infection that aggressively took his life.  It was not parvo, but something just as deadly.  Our vet is contacting several other dog owners who have had dogs that have died in the past month in this manner, to see if there is a common link, place, food or something they all have in common.  One dog, so far, has survived because the dog was brought in for a routine exam and the vet caught it in time.  If I receive any answers, I will definitely post them for you.  Many of you own dogs, or know loved ones with dogs and all I can do, at this point, is share the info.  We were extremely cautious with ours and yet this has happened. Molly developed symptoms Sunday and our vet is aggressively working with us to make sure that everything is done to keep her well.  Thanks to Dr Chad for gently working with Max and Molly and helping us through this crisis.  I am staying close to Molly and taking care of her, so I may not blog again this week. We are optimistic that she will be alright.

Our pets and children teach us how to love, new ways to experience life, and a lot about ourselves.  Max had a kapow!!! attitude as soon as he woke up in the morning and was ready for anything.  He was a constant companion, loved adventure and taking toys away from his big sis.  Max also struggled to please us, even if it meant curbing his desire to be the alpha dog at all times. He will be missed.

Thanks for reading today. If you’ve had a similar experience happen in your life – you know. 

Margaret (Max’s biggest fan)


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