Handy knit and crochet apps for 2012!

Check out these apps, Knit Handy and Crochet Handy from Interweave and now available for your handy devices from the iTunes Store.  Ann Budd has cleverly transformed her Knitter’s and Crocheters Handy Guides to Yarn Requirements to app form to help you with your projects on the go.

Crochet Handy offers you ease in determining how much yarn you need for crochet projects which is quite handy indeed in these days of tight budgets and needing to reducing waste. The app is easy to use and appropriate for all skill levels. It’s a good start to the new crochet year. Love it!

Knit Handy also makes a cool tool for the knitter. I’m a big fan of her Ann’s Knitter’s Handy Guide to Yarn Requirements, so this app is exciting for me. 

These are just a couple of tools that you might find helpful.  There’s no substitution for your library of knit and crochet goodness at home or on your computer, but hey, when you’re in a pinch these handy apps can keep you on track.  You will find yourself relying on them more and more.

Toni of Crochet me gives a helpful little tutorial of the crochet app for you in her latest newsletter.  Check it out and enjoy an opportunity to knit or crochet today!

Margaret (it’s going to be a trendy tech knitting kind of day)


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