Knits of Yore for the holidays and beyond…

Knits of Yore for the holidays and beyond… 

Today I came across Knits of Yore by Susan Strawn and downloaded a standard copy for my knitting library.  I’m intrigued by the wonderful history of knitting that Susan so eloquently lays out for us.  You feel you’ve lived a piece of this knitting yore and will have new insight into your own knitting history that you create every day.  If you love history and how knitting has changed the lives of many for more than 200 years than this is the DVD for you.  Also, a cool gift for a knitter. It’s available and on sale as a Standard download, DVD download and an HD download at the KnittingDailyShop. Grab the full scoop at Knitting Daily.

Joy to yore!
Margaret (I love it when history and knitting collide – so many pretty pretty stitches with pizazz.

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