Don your handcrafted creations…

Don your handcrafted creations…


Last night, we had the opportunity to have a date night at the theater thanks to  This was the perfect occassion to choose the Wrap It Up , a knit pattern available on my Etsy shop, MargKnittinARound

While I was at the event, several ladies came over to talk and admired the wrap. Before I knew it, I was receiving special orders (handknit by me) …always a cool thing to get orders, right?

Remember to carry business cards – considered out dated by a few – they are still an excellent way to give out your contact information in a pinch.

Do you wear your wearable hand crafted items often enough? Remember to wear them and let the world see your handcrafted creations, especially if it’s your business. Doning your handmade items is easy and free advertising and fun to do.  If you won’t wear them, who will?  If you don’t talk about your handcrafted items, who will?  It’s up to you.

Now go don your handcrafted doings…no excuses.

Happy Handcrafted Holidays!

Margaret (grabbing my needles and getting busy)


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