Foodie Gratitude…

A little story…

When I was small, I always wanted to help my older sister, Lea, with whatever she was cooking.  One of my favorite memories was of the cranberry sauce for Thanksgiving dinner that she made every year.  Lea always kept that recipe to herself and for many years I didn’t know exactly how she made it.  She would laugh and say, I just use the recipe on the bag, but it was so delicious I was never really convinced. After Lea died, a few years ago, I decided to make the cranberry sauce for my own little family and discovered that the recipe was really on the bag of cranberries and the only added ingriedient (the only one she would share with me) was that she added orange juice sometimes to make it more tart and less sweet.  Lea must be having a good chuckle over that one in the great beyond, I know I did. It’s nice to try and remember funny stories, fond memories and all the people that have touched our lives during this season of gratitude.  Side note:  Lea also taught me how to knit one summer, encouraged me to sew and craft, and a encouraged my love for sci-fi, historical novels and a good mystery series.

 Now, here’s the foodie part … I did a little prep today…

the cranberry sauce


and a pumpkin pie


I am grateful


Thanks for reading and I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving here in the US and a day of gratitude everywhere else.



Molly and Margaret in New Castle, DE last weekend.


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