Beginner and Intermediate Brioche Knitting w/ Liat

Liat of has new brioche knitting videos just published!

Liat’s latest installment of knitting video eBook awesomeness  is now available. Beginner and Intermediate Brioche Knitting, A step- by- step video knitting course!  is jammed packed with easy to follow videos and resources. So exciting!

Order your copy of “Brioche Knitting” for only $34.77 right now and you will receive a mobile version E-Book specifically designed for your smartphone, iPad, or Kindle as an added bonus.

Right away you will go to the Easy View Guide which gives you all the info you need to download your knitting course to your computer, iphone, ipad, or mobile device. A free pdf download is included, with a link to load the latest version of Adobe Reader as well. There’s also a handy navigation tool, Bookmarks Bar icon. I really love the viewing ease and quality of this incredible video ebook.
Liat’s brioche knitting video course gives you everything you need to perfect your brioche knitting technique. Liat includes quality videos, detailed and easy step by step instructions throughout and resources to enhance your knitting journey. This course does not disappoint and you will be so glad you took the brioche knitting plunge with such an excellent teacher by your side. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t tried this technique before, once you follow Liat’s expert teaching, you’re going to be hooked.  You’ll be able to review the brioche knitting goodness at your own pace and whenever you need to brush up on your brioche knitting technique,Liat’s relaxed and encouraging manner will be there for you.

Liat offers knitting support on her website,  , free patterns, a fun and informative blog as well as valuable newsletters that will educate and inspire.
I highly encourage and recommend that you learn brioche knitting from Liat.

Take a look at Liat’s complete list of Knitting Video ebooks.

View her interview here on Knit1fortheroad, Liat Gat gives the scoop on Become a Knitting SUPERSTAR!

Thanks Liat, for always inspiring us to try new techniques and have fun with our knitting…
and thank you readers for stopping by for some knitting inspiration.

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