You can take simple steps to prevent, raise awareness, and end breast cancer today.

My friend Teresita, of the Hearts of Love group on, is coordinating a project for breast cancer awareness. Please visit the group for ways you can participate.  Look for the topic  ♥♥OnceUponAFall Fashion ChemoCap Project ♥♥ on their homepage.

Please take a moment to read about and sign the petition from The National Breast Cancer Coalition: Breast Cancer Deadline 2020, to end of breast cancer by Jan. 1, 2020.
Petition to end breast cancer by Jan. 1, 2020.

Visit your doctor and make and keep an appointment for a mammogram.  Check your insurance provider if you have one.  The laws have changed in the US and they are required to provide more preventitive care, including mammograms. Hooray! Need financial assistance and more information? Here are some places to go for programs to help you. 

Susan G. Komen Foundation Affiliates
American Cancer Society

Breast Cancer Network of Strength

American Breast Cancer Foundation

Please remember to check your breasts monthly for any changes.  If you need guidance, check with your health care professional.  You can also check How To Do Your Breast Self Exam.

Please take time to care of your amazing self.
Margaret (bolting over to sign the petition now)

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