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Last weekend we took a trip over to Winterthur Museum and Gardens to see With Cunning Needle: Four Centuries of  Embroidery.  It was such a well organized exhibit with demos, unique pieces and a really insightful look at embroidery in history, as an artform and as lovely embellishment for everyday life.  The featured piece in the exhibit was the Plimoth Jacket inspired by a combination of two jackets in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, a heavenly destination in itself. The jacket’s incredible design and construction took over 300 talented hands and 3,700 hours to complete.  Much of the work was accomplished at the Plimoth Plantation in Massachusetts and other locations from 2006-2009,  and is made with silk, gold, silver on linen.  The young and young at heart were invited to stitch on the piece which really inspired me. I get excited just thinking about the how and why of this project.  The exhibit is on loan and will be at Winterthur until Jan. 8,2012.  Defintely Go if you can!

Needlwork (of any kind) continues to live in our hearts, minds, and spirit.  Now go have a great Wed!

The continuing saga of sock knitting fever….



One sock made, one more to go.

Stay festive!

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