Time to De Poof!


While I was evacuated during Irene, I scooped up the latest VogueKnitting Fall 2011, and poof, there it was, Wope…the woolen jute based cord that I’ve been hoping for all of my accessory filled dreamlife. There’s even a cool free pattern, (this is where the De Poof part of the blog starts to kick in big time) to go along with over 17 cool colors that will keep your US size 35 knitting needles clicking.  The pattern is designed by Tina Maat-Kristensen at Pollika.com. Created by De Witte Engel, it’s the perfect weight for so many items that need that extra umph.  I feel new possibilities coming on…

Hope you’re knitting, crocheting, or crafting something wonderful this week.

Margaret (knitty drifting cloud time now)

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