Childhood Knitting Tales

 Freddie's BlanketFreddie’s Blanket by Joanna Johnson with illustrations by Eric Johnson.

I miss childhood sometimes when I see treasures like Freddie’s Blanket by Joanna Johnson.  Joanna weaves a wonderful tale about an adorable Platypus, named Freddie, and manages to incorporate knitted items throughout the book, with patterns included, of course.  The illustrations really grab my “art heart” and are created by Joanna’s husband, Eric.  Joanna and Eric, inspired by their own children, share with us an opportunity to create our own traditions of sharing our love of knitting with our little ones. 

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Phoebe's SweaterPhoebe’s Sweaterby Joanna Johnson with illustrations by Eric Johnson.

Definitely add these books to your gift and wish lists.
It’s our turn to pass on happy childhood memories wherever we roam.  Tag, your it!

Margaret (This post is dedicated to my sister, Lea, who spent endless hours reading the poetry and stories of Christopher Robin to me and A. A. Milne for creating them.)

The Complete Tales of Winnie-The-PoohThe Complete Tales of Winnie-The-Pooh

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