Celebrate With Crafty Toes (Hive Creative Challenge)

Happy 1st Birthday, Creating the Hive. Here are some crafty socks, fresh from my crochet hook for my celebrating toes. The yarn:OnLine SuperSocke 100 in Circle.

I’m taking a few minutes to kick back to celebrate the occasion and embrace the Creating The Hive experiences over the past year.


I’ve watched myself, and others, take the first small steps to share, inspire and maintain friendships on CreatingTheHive. I’ve seen many of the members build their confidence, grow their business, enjoy tutorials and discover new ways to live a creative life to the fullest.

I’ve marveled at the diversity of crafters, artists and hobbiests. It’s kind of like these socks, so many stripes making up one big crafty project.

Happy Birthday to all the Hivers!

Margaret (hoping to enjoy some 0 calorie cyber cake)

Snag your invitation to Creating The Hive here. Show your stripes and let the crafty fun begin.

©MargaretNock, 2011. All rights reserved.

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