a little gift filled with knitting wonder…

Need a quick and easy knit pattern for a rose to create an embellishment for your home, knitting or jewelry?Try this free pattern from Mags Kandis’ book Gifted.  I just love this book.  It’s filled with knitting wonders.

Gifted: Lovely Little Things to Knit and Crochet

Thanks to Kathleen at KnittingDaily for sharing the joy of knitting this fun pattern and a cool discount price for the book.

This week I hope to catch up with you and share more knitting goodness, projects, and more.

Ease into Monday with a few stitches Sunday.
Margaret (too much travel, too little stitching)

Knitting Knitavian Style never felt so good…

Knit Knitavian Style: Allow your knitting adventures to begin.Knit Knitavian Style: Allow your knitting adventures to begin. now available on Amazon, AuthorHouseBookstore, Barnes&Noble, Margknittinaround on Etsy.

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