Winston and Buddy are here!


Winston, the cat, and Buddy, the dog, are the new kids in the String Doll Gang.  They’re a super cute accessory and gift for your favorite knitter or dog/cat lovers.  Each of them has a bell, a lobster claw key ring and a fabric tag.  Cute, irresistable and a great way to accessorize your knitting bag, purse and keys. I found one of the Purls(Purl the red headof course) at a knitting event and have her  clipped to my lamp chain in my work room to inspire me. Check the whole gang out at your local yarn store, knitting event, or online.  There’s one for everyone. can help you find a local store and give you more info on their products.

Patternworks and YarnDogs also have a variety of these little goodies.

Merry Monday Everyone, Merry Monday.
Margaret (needs more merry, less Monday -lol)

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Kamibashi String Doll- Purl

Mondays are the potholes in the road of life.
Tom Wilson

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