Book lovers, paper artists and a contemporary view…

A couple of weeks ago, Dave and I went to Delaware to see an exhibit called The Book a contemporary view at the Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts.  The museum, itself is a real gem for art lovers, artists and totally free to visitors.  If you’re nearby, do catch this exhibit.  It will be there until April 17th. The exhibitions here will stretch the imagination, amuse  and encourage you to experiment with your own art or craft.  I just love a positive museum trip!

On the topic of knitting, I’m currently working on items for charity and will have the scoop for you this week. 

In the razzlefratz-blaaaagh department, while working on a pattern from my latest book for a charity, I found a typo.  EEK! No worries though, the publisher has been contacted and it’s being corrected.  While I was at it, there were a couple of minor things that I felt could use clairfication, so I made the adjustment.  I’ll be posting an errata page here on blogger and on my website that you can refer to in the future.  If you’re making the Spring Fling Wristlets, you will need to cast on 32 sts rather than 52 sts. The editor and I worked tirelessly on this book, but sometimes, due to the nature of publishing, something can slip by you…which by the way, feels like a dagger in my knitty heart. I don’t want anyone confused. If you have any questions about any of my patterns, you can always email me at

I live for the day when we have the balance of art-science-and knitting in our world.  Support your local museums and keep your stitches live!

Margaret (looking forward to Spring)

Spring Challenge Time on Creating The Hive…join in the crafty challenge here.  Sooo fun and free!

Science Arts: Discovering Science Through Art Experiences (Bright Ideas for Learning)

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