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ClassicEliteYarns, that is.  Check out their new Spring 2011 pattern books.  You can also purchase and download a variety of patterns at Patternfish.  Be sure to check out their handy Search By box on the righthand side of the page and the use the find it on Ravelry button included with the pattern descriptions. 

Today, I’m finishing up some projects and de-stashing my way through the day. There’s just something about approaching the next season that makes me want to regroup and get it together.  I’ll also be working on my shop, website, and blog throughout the spring and summer…small steps, small steps.

I encourage you to join me. Clear out those cobwebs and make room for Spring 2011!  Throw out those ideas, items, and aggravations cluttering up your life with bad vibes.  Enter transition girl/guy!  TADA…

Margaret (now where did I put my Transition Girl cape?)

                                       ©MargaretNock, 2011. All rights reserved.

Enjoy hours of knitting all year round…

Knit Knitavian Style: Allow your knitting adventures to begin. on Amazon

Also available at Barnes & Noble. Best Prices are at AuthorHouse/Bookstore, and signed copy available in my shop, MargKnittinARound on Etsy.

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