What should I make?

I’m thinking socks with this lovely selection of sock yarn from Solstice Yarns.  I found Eleanor’s shop when someone in my circle on Etsy.com added one of her unique hand painted yarns to their favorites list. I encourage you to take advantage of share buttons, treasuries and circles to share, not only your own work, but other fabulous crafters you see. It’s that support your fellow knitters and crafters love that makes the world go around…and we thought it was a great pair of shoes and a knitworthy handbag.  What were we thinking?

Now comes the part where you get to share your favorite sock patterns?  I’d love to know.

Margaret (ahh…the circle of knitting)

Need more of that crafting circle of love thing?  Visit Creating The Hive and open your heart here.

Knits to go all year round…

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