Gather round hooks, needles, cakes, and cars…

What in the knit & crochet world is she talking about now, you may ask.  Well, I’ve always been inspired by craft meets art and sometimes the blurry line in between.  I guess I’ve always been curious about those gray areas in life. 

Here are a few cakes and cars that might inspire, make you giggle, or make you shake your head…sooo much like a mini mid-week experience in a museum, only you’re hopefully reading this while you’re relaxed in your handknit striped socks and sipping your coffee or tea.

Walk with me, as we take a tour…

Let’s begin with Crochet Cars – The Knitted Vehicles  at which has an array of colorful stitches and fun.

Crochet Cake Patterns at MomWithaHook (with tutorial just in time for Valentine’s Day) Yay! We love her.

Vrrrrrm! Knit Ferrari Gallery a little more labor intensive, but still sticking to the Valentine’s Day theme colorwise.

Knit Cake at  Here’s an easy cake knitting pattern for you to try. Possibly one of those 2011 knitting resolutions could be checked  off with this one.

Let Them Eat Cake at BitterSweet is also knitty delicious and colorful.

Big hugs to those who posted these items and patience with those who just couldn’t wrap their brains around the why.

Thanks for reading.

Margaret (I think it’s soo great you get the why)

Grab you creative goodies and come on over to CreatingTheHive…open the door here!

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