Today, I’m blogging from Endless Possiblilties Avenue and Miracles in the Making Blvd. I rec’d one of my favorite catalogs from Halcyon Yarn. For me, it’s a place where all of your dreams of knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, felting, fiber finds, accessories, kits, rug punch, patterns and kits come together in one colorful place.  It’s a place to dream and envision your next adventure and partake of delicious possiblilites to help you grow with your creativity.  Okay, now this is the part where I hone in on my favorite items…

If you’re like me, you would love for Autumn to last a little longer and it’s possible with the Autumn Beaded Bag Kits – These lovely kits will inspire you no matter the season.  You may also purchase the pattern alone and revel in the color choices -yippee! I love options, don’t you?

Skip on over to sturdy Rug Punch Tote Bag Patterns, Felted Bags , and the Knitted Carpet Clutch.

My favorite accessory, if I had to just pick one, has to be Debra’s Garden Socks and Lace Needle Gauge Pendants in beautiful colors with matching drawstring bags.  Pretty and practical.

I’ve mentioned the endless creative possibilites portion of this blog.  Now, I’d like to share the miracle in the making part for us all to consider.  It’s so necessary that we step up more in preventing violence in our communities and schools. A great start would be to be more responsible and thoughtful with our words and actions in our everyday lives.  We also need to ask more questions.  Does your child’s school or university have a policy to handle complaints or reports of abuse, unstable behavior, or threats?  If so, what are they?  Is help being readily provided for anyone suffering from mental illness, bullying, drug addiction, or sexual abuse?  Are we, as bloggers, hard working people, teachers, celebrities and politicians alike being more responsible about the messages we put out there? Are there ways we can use our own creativity to make a difference?  I think we all have a lot of work to do. 

More knitting, less violence with our words and actions is what we need on Miracles in the Making Blvd.

Margaret (I hope that you will look for and feel the miracles in your life and community this week)

Here are two of my favorite books that have helped me recover from sadness and tragedy in my own life.  You might find them helpful, too.

Illuminata: A Return to PrayerIlluminata: A Return to Prayer

Everyday GraceEveryday Grace


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