Knitting things I’m loving …

Handy scissors to knit and snip with in 2011.  They come in assorted colors, too- Yay!

The Messenger Bag from NamasteInc is sleek, professtional and also great for storing your take along knitting.  It comes in black and peacock.
Have you checked out this article from Interweave’s
Kathleen Cubley? 

Quick, knitty and just in time for another fabulous year of knitting.

I’d like to say, I’ll be blogging again before Christmas, but there is a possiblility of actually getting caught up in the spirit of Christmas and spending more time with family.  If I don’t get a chance to pop in and get bloggy – I’d like to wish you all a wonderful and safe holiday.

Back to your regularly scheduled festivities!

Merry Margaret!

Do take a little time to check out the crafty place to bee!  Join in the fun at CreatingTheHive all year long.


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