Holiday Merry Mag-a-thon

Are you feeling the tingling sensation of creativity waiting to burst?  It’s  okay, this is prime time to knit, crochet and craft.  Here are a few of the holiday mags that have really captured my attention lately, and I know they’ll help you find the inspiration you need to go into the new year with gusto. These magazines make wonderful gifts, too.  Add them to your wishlist and let Santa do the rest.

Check out the inside here.

Go here for inspiration!

Simply wonderful knit patterns for the holiday and beyond!  Go here to start your journey.

and my new fav…the very first issue of toffee magazine– Yay!

Delish crafting in just one quick and easy download.  Love this new eco-crafty magazine and you will too.

Go on now and get creative with your knitty self…and try a little crafting for the holidays.

Margaret (so loving that there’s a new indie arts and craft mag)

Holiday Music 12 Day Roundup

Day 1

Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album

Glee: The Music, The Christmas Album

 Day 2

The Gift

The Gift

Join in the fun and bee inspired at CreatingTheHive…. dive into inspiration here.


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