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Here’s what I’ve been working on over the weekend.  It was a busy one, but it’s amazing how simply carrying your project along with you enables you to knit or crochet while you wait, listen, or ride. Cool huh?  These caps were made for Bridge and Beyond.  Visit Sandy’s blog on CreatingTheHive, the wildly popular online arts and crafts community.

©Margaret Nock, 2010.  All rights reserved.

Here’s a total Yarn Score  at The Crafty Bastards! Arts and Fair on Saturday. This nifty yarn is from folktale on  Luv it.  Shop hand made!
Did you know that Knit Knitavian Style is printed in the U.S.?  Did you know that some wonderfully talented and inspiring people contributed their stories to the book?  Did you know that the 20+ patterns can be knit and worn all year round?  Did you know that the patterns are rated easy to intermediate with finishing options, suggestions, and resources?  Have you heard about The Land of Knitavia or taken the Joyful Knitter Oath?  What are you waiting for?
Gift a knitter what they want…fantasy, fun projects and inspiration.  Discover your knitting lifestyle today, and enjoy for a lifetime.

©Margaret Nock, 2010.  All rights reserved.
Visit the following for more info:
Hand signed copy can be purchased on my website, knit1fortheroad or on margknittinaround on
Preview here: You Tube AuthorHouse/Bookstore  Knit Knitavain Style on 

©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved. Cover Me Amazing from Knit Knitvavian Style!  Knit with Amazing from LionBrand

Marg (dreaming, knitting and speaking Knitavian style)

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Fabric used in photos from fabric Companions from

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