Today’s giveaway is officially closed.  Winners to be announced.  Thanks for participating – more giveaways are coming soon.  Remember to check for your free Oct pattern tomorrow. (Oct 1)

Knit Knitavain Style Giveaway Day!

If you’re in the U.S.,  you’re just in time for another giveaway to celebrate Knit Knitavian Style! (We’re also celebrating the fact that my books are made in the US today) Also, known as the “knitty accessories I love”  giveaway.   Both books are in color.  Knit Knitavian Style is jammed packed with 20+ patterns, interviews, resources and more!  Speaking of interviews… the first giveaway item is a item from our fav hipster Rachel-Marie.  Her delightful interview is included in Knit Knitavian Style and gives us a glimpse into her hipster world of yarn, family, and creativity. (Note:  I’m saying this in my best Oprah Giveaway voice)

1 hank of Spun Dyed Wool, yardage 89, Raspberry – this yarn is super yummy!

The second giveaway item is the knit kit, the handy dandy accessory for your knitting tools.  It contains a stitch counter, crochet hook, tape measure, stitch markers, point protectors, thread cutter, collapsible scissors all in this adorable compact.  Luv – Luv!

You can never have too many stitch markers or knitting accessories.

The third giveaway item is a set of  six adorable sheep stitchmarkers to adorn your kntting needles and projects…or adorn an omega necklace – your choice.

If you’re in the U.S., please send an email to and put I Wanna Win! in the subject line. We’re also celebrating made in the US day. Please no comments on this post if you’re trying to win.  I have several blogs and the only fair way is to send me an email.  The first 3 people to respond will win a prize. Yay!  The first person will win Rachel-Marie’s lovely yarn, the second person will win the knit kit and the third will win the stitch markers.

Please remember to take advantage of the 15% online Soak Discount from the friendly people at for reading my blog.  Use code K1FR when you check out.  This offer is good until Oct 15th!Read the my bloggie post here.  They are awesome!!! (insert more Oprah voice here)

Winners will be announced.  Stay tuned to this blog for more giveaway fun.  Tomorrow is Oct 1 and a new free knit pattern is in your future…

Signed copies of Knit Knitavian Style are available on knit1fortheroad (my web site) and my shop, margknittinaround on Etsy.You can see the preview video here or here.Visit the AuthorHouse Bookstore for a full description, preview and purchase. (note: if you prefer a signed copy, you will need to purchase it from my web site or shop listed above)

Marg (wishing you color, texture, inspiration and a little time today for knitting)

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