Oh how I love that good crafting vibe…Event update!

It’s almost time for Crafty Bastards! Arts & Crafts Fair in D.C.  This Saturday, Oct. 2 – 10:00 am – 5:00 pm – there’ll be clear skies, nice temps and a slight hint of Autumn in the air.  Oh how I love that good crafting vibe…the air is filled with the excitement and anticipation of crafty goodness all around.  Scrumptious!  Anyway, before I drift away on a cloud, I wanted to update you.  I’ll be signing books, hanging out with Laurie of Knit Outta The Box and helping her at Booth #89 in the center of all the action.  Dogs are allowed so Molly, who is also featured in Knit Knitavian Style, will be there to put her paw stamp of approval on the festivites, wave her paws, wag her tail, and give out kisses.  Molly is a pro at any festival and knows how to work it. 

©Margaret Nock, 2010.  All rights reserved.

Molly’s Blanket of Hope (the story) and this Cotton Bobble Throw is featured in Knit Knitavian Style: Allow your knitting adventures to begin.

Please join us if you’re in the area.  It’s free, fun and crafty galore!  Check out the vendor gallery!  I’ll have a super good price on my books, free stickers, and some yummy soft peppermints – you know the ones that melt in your mouth with sugary delight.  You can also vote for your fav vendor at the event.  Grab the map here.  Visit the blog!Hope to see you there! Do share the info with your friends.Marg (giggling every time I see the name CraftyBastards!)Full Color and Made in the U.S.


©Margaret Nock, 2010. All rights reserved

Knit Knitavian Style: Allow your knitting adventures to begin. on Amazon.com

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Buy a Signed copy available on MargKnittingARound on Etsy.com (free pattern with purchase) 


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