Creating The Hive Friday Lineup: Knitty, crafty and eco-friendly

Annapolis GHOSTS: History, Mystery, Legends and LoreAnnapolis GHOSTS: History, Mystery, Legends and Lore  (My latest read )

It’s time for my first official Creating The Hive knitty, yarnie, eco-friendly, and cool tee bloggie lineup here on my blog and believe me, there are plenty more blogs to view that will inspire you.  Take a look, join in the community and let your arts & crafts shine.  By the way, your projects been bugging me to tell you that it’s the coolest place for them to hang out and meet other arts & crafts.  Give the arts & crafts what they want!  Let them out of the house.  They love photo ops, rave reviews, friendly comments, tweets, FB mentions and the creme de la creme – the sign they’ve been featured, a little bee next to your blog post entry about them.

While you’re there, you can also check out yesterday’s blog update.  I was a littel tired and didn’t post in all the usual places.

Enjoy. Create. Share.

Marg (took a haunted tour in Annapolis last night-way spooky!)

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