A delightful interview with Mallory of Made by Malcakes!

Today, it’s with delight that I introduce Mallory of Made by Malcakes.   Grab a soothing tea and gather round the knitting couch where you’ll be taken to the land of “all things vintage, whimsical, hip, retro, chic, glamorous and fantastical!”  Tighten those vintage dream caps and follow along…

Q. Mallory, I was immediately smitten with the land of Malcakes where whimsy, style, and chic combine for a delicious vintage experience. I like how you have created that atmosphere with both your web site and Etsy shop, Made by Malcakes. Would you say that this type of consistency is essential for branding your business?A. Absolutely! I wanted to create a line of treasures that are timeless. Right now I am very much into the romantic feel that vintage, soft colors and glitter can bring to a particular piece. I like to create art that tells a story, whether it has a past associated with it or it’s a new creation that’s vintage inspired. The thing about me is that I am ever changing, while I always like what I create, I am known to switch it up! So, yes I believe that consistency is good for business; therefore I am consistent in the fact that I always follow my heart.

Q. I love that about you!  How do you find the materials that you use for your creations?

A. I am known to browse the fashion district in LA for my “modern supplies”, as well as on-line, and store fronts. As far as vintage goes, I broadcast to everyone I know to keep their eyes peeled for particular old, vintage, antique items I’m on the hunt for. I also get some of my antique supplies from dealers and on-line as well. I am a jack of all trades, I find supplies everywhere!

Q. Mallory, you have something for everyone in your shop. How do you achieve this balance?

A. I create what I like and love. I find that if I follow where my heart leads me, guests to my shop will love what I do as well!

Q. How does your location in CA influence your creativity?

A. There is such diversity in the land of Malcakes! I can go to the beach, the desert, or the mountains for inspiration. The people are wonderful. The places are wonderful! I believe that I can find inspiration anywhere I am at; I take in the things around me. I enjoy what’s been shown to me.

Q.  Do you have any new projects, events or dreams for the coming year for your shop that you would like to share with us?

A.  Well yes actually, if you take a peek at the feel of my website, or etsy shop; this is just one of my many layers. I hope to bring you more of my other art styles. I love to dabble in all different art medias and styles, I would love for you to experience them. After all the first thing you see when looking at my website is: The official website for all things vintage, whimsical, hip, retro, chic, glamorous and fantastical! I hope to live up to that!

Thank you Mallory for giving us a look into your creative life and point of view.  We can all learn from your positive outlook and courage to follow your heart.

Need more Dreamy Malcake Goodness?  Visit the following links:
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