Top 10 o’ the trends for Fall 2010

Here are some top ten fashion trend links to inspire your shapes, textures and materials for the season.  Some are knitty, some not so knitty.  Either way, you will be able to think of ideas for colors, shaping, etc with your knitting projects.  Accessories will also be mentioned  that you can incorporate into your wardrobe that will really add that extra zip to your knitted items.  Are you ready to dream, create and enjoy?  Thought so…here we gooooo!

One of my favorite top ten resources for knitting, okay not all 2010, but who cares?  It’s fabulosity in knitwear.

Neat little rundown on color, accessories, etc waits for your viewing pleasure here:

Please remember to put yourself on your top 10 list the week and save time for knitting!

Marg (looking forward to a big Knit Knitavian Style giveaway this week-stay tuned)

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