Soak Discount and Giveaway Day!

Soak Discount and Giveaway Day!

Today, it’s all about the Soak Products at

I’ve been a fan of these products for a while and have enjoyed watching the company grow and add fun products like Carrie and Phil, and the ever growing Soak collection and combinations and the Label of Love, soft labels to sew into your hand knit and crocheted projects.  Each pack includes 12 labels with 4 phrases and sew-on guidelines

 I recently had a chemo cap project that I was working on outside at a concert in the park and unfortunately, there were people smoking nearby. Needless to say, that totally wrecked the project. I used Soak in Scentless and viola! No more smoke smell.

This isn’t the first time a Soak product has saved the day at my house. I think this product never met a fiber it didn’t like. Of course, you don’t have to be a knitting princess or fiberista to enjoy the Soak products. Here’s why: it’s perfect for delicate items like lingerie, swimwear, and any item that needs careful soaking or washing. But wait for it…there’s no rinsing! You can choose from  4oz bottles which will give you 25 plus washes, 14 oz bottles that give you 80 plus washes, single travel size mini-soaks, and/or starter kits. There’s even a flight friendly 3 oz bottle coming soon. Do stop by the How to Use Soak section for helpful tips and information about using their products. Visit the handy FAQ page for any questions you may have as well as contact information.

I really appreciate that there is so much variety with the Soak line. Soak products are versatile, delicately scented or unscented, and feel gentle on your skin and fibers…not to mention no rinse and repeat. What will you do with all the extra time you’ll save? It’s no wonder the Soak products are a favorite. There’s even a Soakworthy Collection and group on Ravelry.
Here are the array of scents to choose from:
Visit here for a full description.
 Now comes the giveaway part you’ve all been waiting for. Ngoc Nguyen, the Marketing Coordinator at has graciously provided the readers of this blog a 15% off your purchase discount to be used at Until Oct. 15. Hooray!

Please use discount code:
K1FR when you make your online purchase at

AND another special giveaway:

Soak is offering a $15 Gift Certificate to be used online by one of the readers of my blog. Please be the first one to email me directly at and type in the words…

Soak Giveaway

and you’ll receive your gift certificate via email. Only one available so be quick! I will announce the lucky winner on this blog.

Soak makes the perfect gift and stocking stuffer. Remember to treat yourself too.

Happy soaking!
Marg (so thrilled about Soak Products and this giveaway)

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