Let Your Eco-Friendly Flag Fly

Our eco-friendly house cleaning kit with handknit and crochet washcloths, recycled t-shirts, baking soda, vinegar, hemp, old toothbrush, and a little eco-flag from CosaVerde for decoration!We’re all becoming increasingly aware of the damage of pollutants in our environment.  As Dave and I travel around, we discover more and more places bombarded with trash as well as pollutants in our food and water.  Over the years, we’ve been making a conscious effort to recycle as much as possible and try to become responsible about what we’re pouring down a drain or products we use to  clean our home.  It’s an ongoing project around here.  I also realized how allergic I was to certain cleaning products so I returned to the baking soda and vinegar method I was taught as a child.  That alone saved us money, relieved my allergies, and fit into our plan of being responsible Earthlings. 

I hope you’ll try making a kit for your home with recycled items and more Earth friendly products.  Creating a kit is a great way to teach your children and encourage yourself to reach for those friendly products on a daily basis.  It’s difficult sometimes with all the advertising that is directed toward us. Some products aren’t freindly to the environment despite their claims.  So, that being said, we are trying to do our homework, reuse, recycle, and discover new ways, (some forgotten) to stay on track.  

Here are some places to start if you need help or ideas: Natural SolutionsEco Mall, Ecos.com

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Get creative. Make this project fun and enjoy being an Earthling!

Marg (happy to be on the blue planet)

H is for ecoHome: An A-Z Guide to a Healthy, Planet-Friendly Household (Eco A-Z Series)H is for ecoHome: An A-Z Guide to a Healthy, Planet-Friendly Household (Eco A-Z Series)

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