Knitting Universal Law Thingy.

It’s a busy day around here getting caught up.  It’s time for a little bloggie housekeeping, too.  Some updates for you:

My new book, Knit Knitavian Style is in the design stage and moving along nicely.  This fall will be full of celebration, free giveaways and the like.  It’s been a long knitting journey, the needles have been smoking and working at maximum speed.  Harvest time and finished projects require celebration.

If you’re an Etsy crafter and would like to be featured here, on knit1fortheroad, please send me an email at  You can also view my sidebar on the right (Do you have an Etsy shop)  for details or go directly to  The Summer of Etsy Love  for the full scoop.

The anniverary day was spent going to all our favorite places and there was cake too! Thanks for all the good wishes.  We appreciate them and you.

Dave and Margaret 2010 Anniversary Extravaganza

Thought for the day…I’m discovering daily that happy knitters gather round other happy knitters – must be one of those universal law thingys.

Love, love, knit, knit –
Marg (getting in touch with my inner happiness today, hope you are too)

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