Catlike Confidence and Knitting Terminology

No matter what side of the pond you’re on, there are a few differences in knitting terminology.  Most of them we become aware of right away, but others may not confuse us until we’re knee deep in a knitting project and we didn’t take the time to research the terminology.  Here are a few of links and suggestions to help solve the mystery and open the door to a smooth knitting experience.

Standards and Guidelines for Crochet and Knitting from is a wonderful resource that includes everything you might need to learn or rediscover.  We all get rusty and need to refresh our memory, especially if we have stepped away from a knitting project for awhile or it’s been years since we have picked up our needles.  The info is there for you whenever you decide to continue on your knitting adventure.

Another site is Craft Expert (UK) and there is an excellent glossary of Knitting Terms to help you decipher quickly what you need to know.

Many patterns have explanations for you, but may not be clear enough.  Sometimes an advanced stitch, technique or an abbreviation you haven’t encountered before, can be confusing. These are a few sites to have as a backup plan. Knitting and various video knitting sites like and KnitWitch  can be helpful.  Many of your favorite online yarn retail sites have demo videos now. Yay!

It’s also a great idea to invest in at least one comprehensive “how to” knitting book with resources.  Treasure it and use often.

You’ll find your own sites that you love to visit, if you haven’t already.  These are some of the ones that I’ve  found helpful over the years, especially during late night knitting marathons and everyone is asleep.

Knit with the confidence of a pro and always have a back up plan.  Try to be one with your knitting and a little more catlike this week.

Marg (noticing how cats always seem to have confidence even when they crash into a wall – afterall, they meant to do it, right?)

You might also like to visit for more knitting websites and resources.

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