July’s Free Pattern

Silk Sari Cozy for Sunglasses, Free Pattern from knit1fortheroad.com

It’s July, and time for another free pattern from knit1fortheroad.com.  We’re shaking things up a bit, and using sari silk ribbon from Leilaniarts.net , or the shop of your choice.  I just happened to buy some at the Knitters Connection from Leilaniarts  last month, and was inspired to create a free pattern for you. 

This project will have you knitting with beautiful uncarded silk  or Colorful Silk Sari Ribbon that is not only colorful, but textured and varied.  A perfect chance to try a new material to knit.  For those of you who like to create your knitting materials, you can also sew or tie your own silk material together to knit.  Either way, it’s uniquely your own.

Sari silk that is purchased from Leilaniarts is recycled.  It’s sewn together and each purchase assists underprivileged communities with “self reliance, self determination and a sustainable future.”

Enjoy your Silk Sari Cozy and share you pics!  Send them to knit1fortheroad@gmail.com. The gallery is always open.

Margaret (loving the colors of summer)
Eclipse (The Twilight Saga)Eclipse (The Twilight Saga)

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