Crafty environments, hope and history

Wool pot holders were common items in Civil War era kitchens.

Crochet on a settee

Pelicans at Point Lookout State Park

Fort Delaware, PeaPatch Island

one of the largest wading bird nesting areas on the East Coast

This weekend was full of history, nature, knitting and crochet.  I wanted to post some of the pics from our wanderings and share with you  project 8 that Craft Hope.  Please visit the site to see what is being done to support the oil spill cleanup effort.  I hope you will join in the effort, support wildlife rescue, and share your own pics and experiences with nature. We havn’t felt the devastating effects of the oil spill here yet, but it is inevitable.  There is already so much polution that is being dumped into the oceans, bays, and rivers that it’s a constant battle. I encourage you to raise awareness in your own crafty way.  Please comment if you would like to share what is going on in your area to protect and cleanup the environment.  Your input will inspire us!

Marg (so loving the kindness of the crafting community)

Pea Patch Island: Island, U.S. State, Delaware, Delaware River, Delaware BayPea Patch Island: Island, U.S. State, Delaware, Delaware River, Delaware Bay

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