Happy Knitting Trails Ahead!

Molly and Max, my two doggies in residence, amaze and inspire me on a daily basis.  Today, I was struggling for a way to photograph a project and Molly led the way to a solution.  She normally has her nap on the bed, and today, she insisted on going to the sun room and sitting on the sofa.  This is something new for her and totally out of character.  Every time I left her, she would follow me, whine and stare at me in Yorkie fashion, and lead me back to the sofa.  I took the hint and sat with her for a few minutes.  The latest projects were right in front of us on a table waiting to be photographed. The light bulb finally went off in my head.  Molly would look perfect on the small blanket project. I took pictures of her right away.  This action alone, inspired me to finish these projects and move on with what I needed to accomplish today.

Children and pets are our helpers. They tune into our moods and share their wisdom in unbelieveable ways.  We just need to pay attention and rock the good vibes. 

Here’s  message from Max to get your knit adventure on this weekend.
Happy Trails!

Marg (thankful)


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