The Knit Princess 

The Knit Princess is a super fun graphic novel by writer and self proclaimed obsessed knitter, Allison Sarnoff and the artist Melody Moore.  The storyline follows a young girl and her knitting adventures.  I love her message of improving your knitting skills, to not be afraid of trying new techniques, and the humor, of course. The fact that the Knit Princess is wearing a tiara definitely is a plus for me.  Who wouldn’t want to wear a tiara while you’re knitting?  We should all feel like a princess (or prince) when we knit.You will want to check out the pattern section and the store on  I’m liking the Knit Princess Signature T-Shirt and of course you can purchase the first 2 volumes of The Knit Princess. There’s even an official Knit Princess Tiara Hat pattern in the first volume.  Hooray!  You can also join The Knit Princess on Facebook and keep up with the latest scoop, meet other fans, and show off your Knit Princess knitting projects.  It’s cool to be a princess.

I just love to start off the day with such a fun, creative and well illustrated idea.  Way to go ladies!

Marg (considering how I would look in a tiara – hmm)

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