Nature Knitting

Taken at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Cambridge MD on the Eastern Shore

Today, Dave and I had a chance to visit Black Water National Wildlife Refuge and see the wetlands during the Spring season.  There were eagle, egret, turtle, and mallard sightings all along the nature trails, both driving, walking and cycling. It was nice to see children out with their parents learning about this fragile environment. Bird lovers had their dreams come true and everyone, no matter their age, seemed in awe of this beautiful area.

While we were there, I had a chance to take out my knitting and commune with nature. Two activities I enjoy the most. It doesn’t matter where you live, there’s always a spot to try a little knitting in nature. Give it a try next time you’re outside and discover how peaceful you can be.

Here’s to new knitting adventures in your future.

Peace Out!

Marg (feeling the importance of conservation)


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