Blowin’ Blizzards!

Blowin’ Blizards!!!

We’re on blizzard #two – it’s a bit more blowey with poor visibility with zero chance of snow plows on the roads – but we’re warm and have power.  Yay!  Still, not the kind of blizzard I was thinking of – I’m more of a frosty blizzard drink kind of girl.

Times like these, call for dreamy patterns, knitting accessories and plenty of yarn in the house. 
Here are a few patterns I’m dreaming of from Bargain Yarns.

Gasteropoda Mitts

Wood Yarn Swift

Lily Tweed Tote

Great Bargain Prices on Yarn! 

“Moos” Yarn, “Tiago” Yarn, “Poems Sock” Yarn

Stay warm and knitty wherever you live.

Marg (definitely growing where I’m planted)


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