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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Cover Image is by Natalie Jeffcott

It’s crafty time!  Issue #12 of Mix Tape is pre-selling now.  This color issue is another jumbo edition and I’m thrilled to tell you, my article, Crafting In The Animal Kingdom of Personality, is included in all the crafty, eco-friendly fun.  (Doin’ a dance while typing, here)  Read this fun personality roundup and find out what your crafting personality is.

Every issue is jam packed, people.  You’ll also find reviews, expert crafters sharing their tips, insights into the world of crafting, and how they balance it all.  Toss in beautiful illustrations and graphics and mix with easy and fun ways to make your life more eco-friendly.
You will find MixTape is full of heart. It’s the perfect magazine to keep you inspired year round.  What are you waiting for?  Your copy awaits!

Mix it up a little today and let your crafty side out.

Marg (walking down Craft Ave with a smile)


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